How is Dental Implant Procedure?

Lately, dental implants have become a trend and it is recommended to replace missing teeth. Dental implants replace original teeth with sensation, appearance, and functions that resemble the original teeth. So, you will not feel having dentures in your mouth. Dental implants can also maintain the height of your gum so it can support the cheeks and lips well without fear of looking ugly. You can visit our website and get affordable dental implants in Milwaukee.

Dental implants are a technology in the field of dentistry is quite new compared to other artificial teeth. Because dental implants are implanted in the gums and function as the root of the artificial teeth, the ingredients must be biocompatible and not rejected by the body or cause allergies. That is why implant materials made from titanium which is not cheap price. However, its durability in the mouth as a permanent denture according to the study is very high. In general, dental implants or dental implants consist of two components: components that are embedded in the gums and crown on top that resemble a dental crown. Implants can also be a buffer for removable cleansing teeth when tooth loss is considerable.

After the initial consultation, it is time for you to install the Implant. How does this work? First of all your gums will be anesthetized to make the implant installation process comfortable. If necessary, your dentist may make ginger bone (bone grafting) first. Bone graft can be done before or during implant installation.

Implants are installed by planting them into the gums through a small surgery. The installation process is not too long usually around 30 minutes. Thereafter, there is a minimum waiting time of 1.5 months after the dental implant is installed, called the healing time. This period is necessary to allow the implant to coalesce with both gum and stable (osseointegration) before chewing pressure. Usually, while waiting you will be given a temporary denture so as not to look toothless (especially on the front teeth). The final phase is the crown installation phase (at the loss of one tooth). In this phase, on the implant will be installed porcelain crown that resembles your original teeth.