Services in a Car Salon

What is a Car Salon? In principle, a car salon has the same goal with beauty and body beauty salon in humans. The car salon cleanses the dirt attached to all parts of the visible and affordable car so that it gives the appearance change to be more attractive, pleasurable, and comfortable to drive. Washing a car is like a bath in humans so that a car wash can only clean the visible impurities. The shampoo or soap used for washing the car cannot eliminate fungi, acid stains caused by rain, and dirt or other materials that cause fine berets and blur of paint on the car body.

There are several services that you might be able to get in a car saloon like the auto detail beaverton. Some of them, then, will be discussed in the following:

– Exterior Salon (Exterior Cleaning)
This service is to clean the body of the car. The benefits of this service are to clean asphalt dirt, paint on body and wheels, remove fine beret, orange peel texture on paint. Ultimately the paint will look as shiny as the new luster of a new car even better.

– Interior Salon (Interior Cleaning)
This particular service will clean every part of the interior of the car, including ceiling, poles, inner glass, sunroof, sun visor, safety belt, dashboard, dashboard panels, drawers, upholstery, carpet footwear, brake pedal, gas and clutch, console box, air-conditioner grille. The benefits include cleaning the interior parts of dust, dirt, and stains on the interior. The atmosphere of the passenger room, then, will be able to become refreshed as it is clean.

– Glass Salon
The scope of this service includes windshield, side glass, rear glass, side and center mirrors. The main benefit is to clean the glass from glass fungus, fat, and spots caused by acid rain and stubborn dirt dust. The glass will look clear, causing a sense of comfort when driving it.